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What are the minimum run volumes?

Minimum run volumes are 1000 Litres of product for Toll Processing. Higher volumes for contract manufacturing.

Where can I get more detail on HPP?

Need to know more information? Here are some useful links that'll help answer your questions.

Got more questions? Please contact us.

Will HPP benefit my product idea?

While HPP is an outstanding technology for delivering advanced consumer benefits, it is not a blanket technology that works for all food applications. We suggest you contact the preferred service providers listed for advice. Please note, these services may be on a fee for service basis.

How much does it cost to toll process using HPP?

Pricing depends on your pack size and how much volume we can fill per cycle. Approximate guidelines are $1.50 - $3.00 per litre. This indicative cost is based on delivering a ready-to-consume product that is packaged and labelled. We then HPP treat the product (in its consumer-ready packaging) and date code ready for distribution.

This price covers only the HPP component. It does not include pre-manufacturing costs or freight.

HPP Solutions

Fruit, vegetable and herb products available now

Whether you're in the food service, retail or industrial food sectors, our HPP technology solutions can help meet your needs. 

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