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What is HPP?

HPP is a cold pasteurisation of foods at extremely high levels of pressure. The pressure is so great that the food bacteria are killed. Once these bacteria are killed, we achieve safe to eat food products with exceptional shelf life.

You may be asking yourself, why doesn't this amount of pressure crush the food. A good example is when you place a grape in inside a bottle of water and squeeze it really hard. The grape doesn't get squashed because the amount of pressure is evenly distributed over the entire surface area of the food. HPP works the same way. 

Once the product is packed into a bag, it is placed inside the HPP Chamber where the products are submerged underwater (just like the grape). Hydrostatic Pressure is then applied to kill the food bacteria. What comes out of the chamber is a fresh, naturally processed food product! Just like the grape, it hasn't changed its physical shape.

HPP vs Aseptic

What are HPP Herbs?

  • Fresh Australian Herbs - washed, puréed then blended gently with a small amount of oil, salt and ascorbic acid
  • High Pressure Processed
  • Chilled Shelf - life of 9 months
  • No thermal processing
  • Retain vibrant green colour
  • Retains fresh aroma and flavour
  • Available in various pack sizes
Herbs currently available

Chive, Mint, Basil, Coriander, Parsley

For usage in dips, spreads, pesto, dairy, sauces, marinades, dressings, cheese and much more!

HPP Solutions

Fruit, vegetable and herb products available now

Whether you're in the food service, retail or industrial food sectors, our HPP technology solutions can help meet your needs. 

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