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The Story

"A couple of years back, I found myself redundant from working in the logistics sector, and the wife began working full time - so we had in essence done a complete role reversal, I was now the stay at home dad, she was the breadwinner.

The business has been birthed through a simple school holiday activity, about 6 months ago. I saw some Reapers on sale at my local Coles, so bought them and spent the arvo cooking up a batch of Mango Reaper with my daughter, and put the pictures up onto Facebook of our little activity.

All of a sudden my inbox got flooded with mates wanting to buy it. I turned $30 of ingredients/bottles into $150 overnight, and basically I’ve just repeated that cycle - albeit it in a commercial kitchen now!

The whole business I’ve built myself, from label design (taught myself photoshop on youtube) to building the website, to marketing, all the while running a household with my 10-year-old daughter Lily and 6-year-old son Nicholas in tow." ~ Tom Russell

AustChilli's Solution

In discussion with the team at Uncle Mungo’s, we provided them advice on our food solutions together with what we thought could work to create a new range of sauces.

We agreed on a range of samples for the team to work with to create the perfect product and then provided them an ambient solution that will ensure that they have ongoing supply and allow them to plan and continue to grow their business.

Austchilli have been great, their customer service is second to none, from the first initial phone call to getting goods freighted, they have always made me feel valued as a customer, going absolutely above and beyond!

Tom Russell, owner of Uncle Mungo's

Food Solutions

Challenge us to find the perfect blend for your opportunity

Whether you're producing the next soup, sauce or beverage line, our team have the food ingredient solution for you. Let us help you find the perfect ingredient.

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