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Austchilli prides itself in producing world-class fresh chillies & fresh avocados all year round.

Our business is located in the rich food belt of the Bundaberg region in Queensland, along with farming production also in Stanthorpe and Bowen.

The DePaoli family have been farming small crops for more than 80 years. We are experienced with the growing conditions and climate in the region.

We were Australia’s first fresh chilli growers and remain the largest producer of chillies in the country. 

We proudly produce several varieties of chilli 52 weeks of the year with quality, volume and consistent availability unrivalled.

We are also Avocado growers. We have avocado orchards in the neighbouring region of Childers and are committed to growing nutrient dense avocado using sustainable farming practices.


Every day we supply major supermarkets and market agents in each state with our fresh chillies and fresh avocados.

We go to great lengths and have teams of experts dedicated to ensure we supply our customers on time and in full where possible, no matter the challenges nature throws at us.

Customer satisfaction and building long term relationships and partnerships with our customers is at the centre of everything we do.

For a full list of our market agents, visit our Fresh Distributor Partners.

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World-class fresh produce

Whether it's fresh avocados or chillies our fresh solutions are perfect for your sector of the food industry.

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