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Avofresh New Fresh Farms

We've revolutionised convenience and consistency in the ever-growing food industry.

Our Branded, Food and Fresh Solutions offer consumers, retail partners and the food industry a wide range of healthy and fresh food and ingredients all year round.

We grow and source locally produced food to create options that are of great value and quality.

Branded Solutions

Though innovation in packaging and product designed Austchilli now has three exclusive product ranges that will not only deliver great value for our retail partners but provide consumers with healthy alternatives for snacking, cooking and drinking.

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Food Solutions

AustChilli provides food ingredients solutions across aseptic and HPP to produce the finest dips, marinades, soups, sauces, Meals bases, Salad dressings, Seasonings, Juice and Beverages, ice creams, savoury bread and wraps.  Challenge us to find the perfect blend for your opportunity.

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Fresh Solutions

Austchilli core values to be able to provide the best possible fresh produce all year round.

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HPP Solutions

HPP offers the 'Fresh Alternative' to the heavily preservative dependent food service, retail and industrial food sectors. We lead the nation in commercially available High Pressure Processed (HPP) food products.

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A diverse range of food solutions

Whether you're a food manufacturer, retailer or distributor, the AustChilli Group has a solution to suit your needs. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

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