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Austchilli Group’s goal is to make healthy food that helps to create healthier people.

Our innovative products and unique packaging formats mean more fruit, vegetables and herbs can make their way into people’s mouths every day. 

We supply customers in several channels including retail, B2B, food service and export.

Whist we have a list of products and services on offer, we pride ourselves on working with our customers on new product briefs and developing products from the ground up. Our marketing, sales, research and development teams keep up to date with the latest food, beverage and food technology trends.

Our standard products and services include:

Purees & Food Ingredients

Fresh Chillies

Fresh Avocados


Contract Manufacturing

Food Service Solutions

High Pressure Processing

Aseptic Processing

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A diverse range of food solutions

We have the experience, passion and flexibility to create food solutions tailored to your needs. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

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