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Avofresh New Fresh Farms

An innovative range of products for your café, restaurant or other hospitality venue.

From paddock to plate, we’re here to help you create the menu of your dreams. Whether you are a wholesaler, distributor, end-user or institution we can provide ingredient solutions for your business.

We are a vertically integrated producer. We grow and source the freshest produce and have a state of the art production facility in Bundaberg, Queensland with unique High-Pressure Processing (HPP) capabilities. This gives us the ability to create a range of unique products, delivered in a number of different pack sizes suited to cafes, restaurants and other food service venues. 

We believe fresh is best and our HPP technology enables us to deliver convenient solutions to suit the fast pace of the hospitality world that deliver fresh flavours and colours without additives, preservatives or synthetic colours in convenient, ready to use pack sizes.


Food service Avocado Range

Smashed Avocado

Use New Fresh Farms smashed avocado to create the breakfast favourite smashed avo on toast. Burgers and sandwiches are also enriched by adding smashed avocado.

  • Available in 500g pouch.


New Fresh Farms Single Serve Smashed Avocado is an always ripe and ready 30gram portion of avocado customers can serve themselves.

  • Available in 30g


Our delicious New Fresh Farms Guacamole is a fast and convenient way to add this favourite to your Mexican themed menu items.


Herb & Chilli, Fruit & Vegetable Purees

We offer a range of herb & chilli, fruit & vegetable purees in both Aseptic (shelf stable) and HPP (High Pressure Processed) available in various package sizes. see our range here 

Herb Purees (HPP & Aseptic)

A labour saving alternative to fresh herbs.

Natural, fresh-tasting ingredients perfect for full-flavoured meals and a wide range of dishes. Made in Australia.

Chilli Purees (HPP & Aseptic)

We are the chilli experts and grow the largest variety of chillies in South-east Asia. 

Made using fresh produce our chilli ranges from mild to hot and we have the ability to supply blends if required. 

Fruit & Vegetable Purees (HPP & Aseptic)

We carry a range of vegetable and fruit purees.

Whether you're producing your next marinade, soup, sauce or beverage line, our team have the right ingredient solution for you.

Two scientists testing food in laboratory



An innovative range of ingredients tailored to suit the hospitality trade


The know-how and flexibility to design creative food solutions to meet your needs.


A world class, vertically integrated business with growing, production and packing in Bundaberg. A world class, vertically integrated business with growing, production and packing in Bundaberg.

the experience to deliver

More than 25 years experience in food production and over 50 years farming experience gives us the depth of experience to deliver high quality, nutrient rich, flavoursome ingredients.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Contact us for your new menu creation today.

Food Service

Creative food solutions for the hospitality industry

Whether you are a restaurant, café, wholesaler, distributor or institution we can provide ingredient solutions to create delicious and commercially viable menus.

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