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But what does this really mean?

As our population grows, the makeup of households will continue to change throughout the country.

It is estimated by 2041, Single-male-parent families are projected to increase the fastest of any family type, increasing by between 44% to 65%. This will mean that the requirement for simple, portion control products will increase due to the lack of shopping time, simplicity of meals, time constraints, diet, health and probably most importantly the increased global interest in food waste.

Each demographic will pose different opportunities nonetheless as manufacturers we need to stay on top of the changing environment.

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By 2041, there are projected to be between 12.6 million and 13.2 million households in Australia (up from 9.2 million in 2016).

  • Family households are projected to remain the most common household type in Australia, at 69% to 71% of all household in 2041.
  • Lone-person households are projected to make up 24% to 27% of all Australian households in 2041.
  • Group households are projected to make up 4% to 5% of all households in 2041.

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By 2041, there are projected to be between 9.2 million and 9.4 million families in Australia (up from 6.7 million in 2016).

  • Couples with children are projected to make up 43% of all families in 2041; down slightly from 44% in 2016.
  • Couples without children are projected to be the second most common family type, at 38% to 39% in 2041 (38% in 2016).
  • Single-female-parent families are projected to make up 13% to 14% of all families in 2041 (compared to 13% in 2016).
  • Single-male-parent families are projected to increase the fastest of any family type, increasing by between 44% to 65% by 2041.

~ Data taken from the Australian Bureau of statistics

From then to now

Gone are the times of packing the pantry full of tins and long shelf-life product, only to be then cleared away in the annual spring clean. In contrast, consumers are moving to fresher, cleaner, healthier and more convenient options in what is fast becoming a live-by-the-day / throw-away world.

Prior to now, portion control or single-serve has been seen as an option to lose weight or calorie control your diet plan. However, through innovations from food manufacturers who understand the changing environment. We can access products which enable us to have a varied and interesting lunch box  There is a lot of costs, work, time, energy and resources that go into food production, not to mention the jobs that food manufacturing creates and loss of product put many of these resources to waste.

30g Avocado Packs

For example, our single-serve 30g avocado packs are made from 98% fresh avocado, dairy-free, vegan and are also the perfect amount for two slices of toast in the morning or your lunchtime wrap. Eliminating the challenge of avocado being underripe, too hard, too soft and sometimes inconvenient to everyday life.

Cutting waste, one meal at a time

Australians throw out billions of dollars per year in food waste and our major supermarkets also contribute to a large portion of this, the emergence of Foodbank and other similar businesses have combated much of this waste but if we could purchase smaller and more usable quantities each individual could also contribute to this space.

The home delivery model is one of the fastest-growing segments in Australian food consumption as it targets fast, convenient, delivery as well as portion-controlled food to ensure we eat and pay for what we need on a daily, weekly or monthly budget.

Avoiding food waste is fairly easy once we plan and get used to what is actually required weekly, it may also add some extra dollars back into your pocket… IMAGINE THAT!

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